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Pecarus - Lex De Mello

Pecarus 1 and 2 - an autobiographical two volume revelation written in poetic prose. Free download:

Percarus 1 and 2 are combined books written in poetic prose inspired by classical and modernistic models and influenced by Old English because of its beauty and eloquence. The first book carries a message for world peace and the second focuses on pain and despair. The books contain hidden themes that reveal themselves slowly. All the stories are based on real life events, a few with strong symbolism.

Author's comment on this work:  Throughout the ages humanity itself has operated, and co-existed, side-by-side with their fellow kindred in a state of semi-segregation naturally induced by the very infrastructure of the society we live in and cherish. Many individuals live secret lives, some witness miracles, others partake and accomplish extraordinary personal feats, and the great leaders of this world usually tend to have an extensive understanding of the operations of the world without quite ever understanding, nor believing, in the stories of incumbents affiliated in micro-social communities of their own.

This book is indirectly a much improved parody of "Sophie's World" by Jostein Gaarder, that is, it opens up the reader to an insightful segmented analysis of the world as seen by the eyes of the author. Miracles do not just happen to anybody, as explained in the book so eloquently in Early Modern English. For the greater part it is great artsy entertainment!   Check full book synopsis.

Percarus 1 and 2 -  by Lexmilian de Mello

Category: Poetry, Non Fiction, History, Philosophy, Paranormal, Autobiography, Poetry, Poems, World Peace, Inspirational,  Miracle, Miracles, Story, Stories, Tales, Educational, Entertainment, English.
Length: 91,000 words
Key words: God, True, Life, Inspiring, Motivation, Emotion, World Peace, World History, Religion, Philosophy, Autobiography, Paranormal, Educational 


Lex de MelloAbout Lexmilian de Mello:

The author strongly believes that the existence of God, or higher entities, has already been established as a certainty through scientific and pseudo science reasoning. Believing life not to be eternal, in inclusion of afterlives to be, it is his belief that in the thereafter every single living human incumbent will be granted ultimate satisfaction in life, eudaimonia. That is, some just go through more difficult initial paths on this journey. 

Not desiring fame in the slightest, the author's main wish is to sire a large family whilst being humble in means. Lexmilian views his privacy as of uttermost importance for the very sanctity of his sanity and wellbeing. 

Not everyone in this world was created the same and it is this very elemental factor that establishes diversity and joy in the face of this planet, so go his beliefs. Tales of woes and personal suffering are unmentioned in his book. Tolerance of all faiths becomes an epitomic step in his philosophies to ensure the very sanctity of life, and hence God's ultimate plan. 

Both eBooks were designed to be read sequentially. [Technically, this is NOT a free book]


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